You will find all the relevant publications on our financial figures, annual reports, interim reports, and quarterly statements in the overview below (for download in PDF format). Siltronic does not issue printed reports.



  Report DEVELOPMENT Presentation Press release Webcast
Q1 Quarterly statement 1/2017 Quarterly development (English, xls) Presentation (English) April 24, 2017 to Webcast
Q2 Interim report 2/2017 Quarterly development (English, xls) Presentation (English) July 28, 2017 to Webcast
Q3   Quarterly development (English, xls) Presentation (English) October 26, 2017 to Webcast
Q4 Preliminary Financial Figures   Presentation (English) February 1, 2018  
Annual Report 2017        


Since Q3 2017 the press release is a Quarterly Group Statement according to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s stock exchange regulation 50. In the future, Siltronic AG will publish a separate half year report and annual report.