From the initial ideas through to delivery: we regard our customers as partners and we go through all the development and production steps together.

Partner to the best

Today Siltronic is the established supplier to the world’s twenty preeminent wafer consumers. We owe this outstanding status quo not least to our consistent customer and solution focus - which we are continuously widening and deepening.

Global teams - local support

Customer proximity also means that our global sales and service network is present in all major semiconductor markets. At our local Service Centers, teams comprising both sales and applications technology experts shape our business. In collaboration with our global Account Management, the local units ensure the best possible customer care at each and every location.

Supply Chain

Transparent, controllable and as lean as possible: our supply chain ensures seamless coverage and support of our logistics chain.

When absolute on-time delivery performance and response speed are at a premium, our customers profit from our seamless logistics chain. Thanks to our electronically supported supply chain management, all processes are transparent and controllable from the first contact through to delivery. In order to reap the greatest benefits from our collaboration potential, more effectively integrate business partners into on-line processes, while keeping administration processes lean, Siltronic offers its external partners a comprehensive range of E-business solutions as well as a collaboration platform (Extranet).

We primarily rely on the internationally recognized “RosettaNet” standard for optimal electronic data exchange with our external partners. In some instances we also rely on third-party providers, for example, to receive or provide EDI formats.

This flexible approach allows smooth and process-oriented collaboration between our business partners and ourselves, regardless of the e-business standards and back end systems in place.

Our membership in the internationally recognized e-business organization EDIFICE ( reinforces our close collaboration with business partners.




Every year, Siltronic purchases large quantities of raw materials, goods, and services, and intelligent procurement management ensures economical availability on schedule and in the right quantity. By a close cooperation with our suppliers and vendors we ensure supply security and that we are able to meet the high quality requirements.

Our group-wide purchasing processes, which are controlled by specialized teams throughout the group, range from raw materials for our products to gas and electricity to supply our international sites to technical materials and specific services. These teams are also called on for the construction and expansion of sites and the associated purchasing and communications processes at the various sites.

Supplier management

A primary factor of our procurement strategy’s success is our focused supplier management system, which also ensures productivity and competitive ability on the part of our suppliers. We employ a pool of long-standing and new partners with whom we have a constructive and sustained working relationship in order to achieve together a continuous improvement in product and service quality.

Our supplier management plays a key role. Specialized category management teams, each with specific areas of responsibility, regulate procurement processes company-wide. These teams harness new potential on the markets, discover current innovations at existing suppliers, and integrate this know-how into our processes. Potential risks of the procurement process are regularly analyzed and countermeasures implemented in time. In this way, we ensure product quality, productivity, and competitiveness over the long term.

Siltronic is committed to international initiatives such as Responsible Care® and Global Compact. 

As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance, Siltronic is driving Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability in our supply chain by partnering with our suppliers to promote the main principles of Siltronic’s Code-of-Conduct within our own organization as well as at our partners and in their upstream supply chain.

Siltronic seeks to increase inclusive sourcing and to improve opportunities for diverse owned businesses to supply Siltronic. Businesses owned and managed by all kinds of diversity groups, for example women or people with disabilities, are encouraged to apply for business using the following dedicated SD+I application channel.

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase


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Note on the current situation due to the coronavirus

Note on the current situation due to the coronavirus

Due to the current situation of the spreading coronavirus, new guidelines apply to our sites in Germany with immediate effect. Visitors who were previously abroad or who show symptoms of illness will not be granted access to the company premises. 

We kindly ask visitors, customers, suppliers and service personnel before entering the German premises to take into account the questionnaire provided here before the start of their journey.

For all contractors, suppliers, and visitors to Siltronic’s Portland site the following applies:

  • Contractor’s employees will keep a distance of 6 feet or more from all personnel on Siltronic’s site when possible to do so.

  • If work tasks require that the contractors employees interact with others in a manner that encroaches on the 6’ distance, a mask will be worn by everyone involved. 

  • Contractors must also wear masks when in common areas, and follow all current procedures communicated by Siltronic for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission.

  • Contractor’s employees will be required to take their temperature on site with Siltronic’s touchless scanner prior to starting work.

  • Contractors will immediately notify Siltronic if employees test positive, suspected to have COVID-19, or are known to have close contact.

  • For questions or other inquiries related to Siltronic onsite visits and COVID-19, please contact Siltronic Health and Safety, 

If you plan to visit our Singapore site, please contact your host beforehand for details on regulations.


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