Companies need society’s trust in order to be economically successful. We conduct our business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements. Siltronic AG and its subsidiaries pursue a zero tolerance policy with regard to any form of corruption, fraud, other manifestations of economic crime, as well as any form of unlawful act. We support global initiatives in order to strengthen sustainable conduct in commerce and society. Learn more about Sustainability.

Our Code of Conduct forms a binding framework for lawful and responsible action of our employees in their daily work. It is binding worldwide for the entire Group. A key function of the Code of Conduct is to sensitize for legal risks and to support them in dealing with ethical issues. It contains current behavioral rules for fighting against corruption and protecting free competition. Moreover, the Code of Conduct emphasizes the significance of focusing on quality, customer benefit and safety as well as health and environmental protection. With this Code of Conduct, Siltronic also affirms its commitment to responsible corporate governance and sustainable activity.

Our compliance management system is geared to avoiding, identifying, and penalizing unlawful acts in the corporate context. The system is subject to routine review and enhancement. Siltronic’s compliance organization is responsible for the system. The company has appointed compliance officers in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the USA. They coordinate the compliance activities within the group, provide consultation on compliance issues, and act as contact persons for questions and training programs.

Employees with business partner contact are obliged to complete advanced E-Learning training on compliance. All employees in Sales and Marketing must additionally complete online training on antitrust law.

Employees who observe violations are required to inform their supervisors, the compliance officers, the employee council, or the designated HR contacts. Siltronic follows up on every valid suspicion, examines the occurrence and defines actions to remedy identified weaknesses and, where appropriate, disciplinary measures. The compliance organization informs the Siltronic AG Executive Board of these occurrences monthly and when warranted.

Siltronic has an external ombudsman and a digital whistleblower system as safe and secure reporting channels. Both our employees and third parties can use these channels to anonymously report violations of legal provisions.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct