Siltronic offers a broad range of wafer products for use in semiconductors. Our technologies in crystal pulling, wafering, and epitaxy allow us to adapt products exactly to the customer requirements.

Thanks to the comprehensive range of EPI reactors (epitaxial reactors), Siltronic is able to offer solutions that are optimally matched to the widest range of technical requirements. We use pancake, barrel, mini-batch, and single wafer EPI reactors, depending on the requirement. It is just as possible to manufacture EPI layers in different thicknesses as it is to manufacture multi-layer epitaxial wafers.

Ultimate Silicon™

The optimal crystal for polished wafers: ideal for state-of-the-art CMOS technologies and memory chips.

Ultimate Silicon is Siltronic’s wafer for state-of-the-art CMOS technologies such as DRAM and NAND components. The Ultimate Silicon crystal pulling process meets the highest requirements with regard to oxygen concentration and defect density.

Siltronic offers Ultimate Silicon wafers with diameters of 200mm and 300mm.

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Float zone/FZ

The float zone method makes it possible to manufacture especially pure crystals that offer very high electrical resistance and long carrier lifetimes. Siltronic has ranked as a global leader in FZ technology for many years and has also offered FZ crystals with 200mm diameters since 2002.

The float zone method for silicon crystal production is optimal for manufacturing especially pure crystals. The crystals’ material properties differ from those of CZ crystals. In particular, they contain less oxygen because the liquid silicon does not come into contact with a quartz crucible in this method. This makes it possible to manufacture crystals with very high electrical resistance and long carrier lifetimes. These are particularly needed to manufacture power semiconductors and for high-voltage applications.

Siltronic has ranked as a leader in FZ technology for many years. We have also been offering FZ crystals with 200mm diameters since 2002. Our process technology team works in close cooperation with customers and uses powerful computer simulations to support continual process improvement. One of the main goals is to minimize the resistance variation.

For demanding applications, Siltronic has developed the PowerFZ® product, which is also based on the float zone method. PowerFZ® wafers feature a particularly flat radial resistance curve. The homogeneous resistance profile is particularly suitable for PowerMOS and IGBT applications. As an alternative to NTD wafers, PowerFZ® wafers offer an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.


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Non-polished and extra thin: these wafers offer low microroughness and a low-defect surface structure. They are an ideal alternative to very thin polished and double-side polished wafers, particularly for discrete applications.

HIREF® (High Reflectivity) wafers are non-polished wafers for demanding applications in discrete components, detectors, and MEMS. Siltronic manufactures HIREF® wafers with diameters of 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm. They are available in all resistivity ranges and dopants.

Wafer parameter comparison

HIREF® wafers display significantly lower microroughness and better geometry than bright etched wafers.

HIREF® wafers are available in different thicknesses from 100µm to 1500µm. Their special product characteristics and compact thickness make HIREF® wafers an alternative to very thin polished and double-side polished wafers for discrete applications.

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