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Production Site Singapore

At Siltronic Singapore Pte. Ltd., founded in 1997, we produce wafers made of hyperpure silicon with a diameter of 200 mm. Siltronic Silicon Wafer Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2007. Here, 300 mm wafers as well as 300 mm ingots are manufactured. Siltronic's production sites are currently among the most modern in the world and produce wafers with single wafer history tracing using sophisticated information and automation technology.


At a glance

  • currently one of the most modern production sites worldwide

  • more than 1,000 employees

  • production of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers

Benefits in Singapore

Competitive remuneration

Development of people

Flexible working hours and leaves

Company transport and canteen

Work life balance

Employee safety and health

Social responsibility

Entry opportunities for all career levels

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