Our innovations in wafer production have a strong impact on increasing the energy efficiency of chips. This has a particular impact on smartphones, computers including servers, household appliances and electric vehicles.


Siltronic AG

  • Hyperpure silicon wafers are the basis for almost all semiconductor devices and consequently represent an essential basis for the world’s electronics industry.

Manufacturers of semiconductors

  • Our wafers are very closely linked to computer chips because our customers – the manufacturers of semiconductors – transform wafers into chips through physical and chemical processes.

End markets

  • The most important end markets for demand for our wafers are smartphones, computers, servers, consumer electronics including household appliances, industry and automobiles. Almost all of our wafers go to these six end markets.

Annual report

Audited information and key figures on sustainability at Siltronic can be found in our current annual report from page 62 (Combined Non-Financial Statement).

Sustainability presentation

An overview of sustainability at Siltronic.

Whistleblower system

Violations of legal requirements or Siltronic guidelines can be reported here – anonymously if necessary.

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Sustainability is part of our corporate DNA - for the benefit of people and the environment, as well as with a view to the company's profitability. With ambitious targets, we are working to continuously improve our performance in the social and environmental areas as well. We measure our progress using key performance indicators. With our sustainability activities, we want to help ensure that future generations have the same opportunities as we do today. At the same time, we aim to strengthen our competitiveness.

Which topics are relevant for Siltronic

Siltronic is in continuous dialogue with its stakeholders. We take up sustainability issues raised by employees, business partners, investors, neighbors or other interest groups. These topics are evaluated and prioritized in a defined process. In doing so, we take into account the relevance of the topics for the company as well as Siltronic's impact on people and the environment associated with the respective topic in accordance with the principle of double materiality. We also take into account the upstream and downstream value chain. The topics identified are covered in our communication on sustainability – including on this website.


How we implement sustainability

We approach social and ecological topics just as strategically as economic topics:


Responsibility for sustainability lies at the highest level: the Executive Board decides on relevant topics in regular sustainability meetings. The central Corporate Responsibility function coordinates activities worldwide and reports directly to the Executive Board.




We plan to save resources and integrate environmental and social factors into our business processes from the outset. Environmental, social and governance risks are recorded via our global risk management system. Sustainability is also a component of numerous central guidelines and process instructions.



Targets and key figures

We back up our activities with ambitious targets and measure progress using key figures. Sustainability indicators are a decisive factor in the remuneration of the Management Board and managers.



Training courses

Employees receive regular training on topics relevant to them. We encourage them to get involved and offer them the opportunity to point out grievances.




In the event of breaches of legal requirements or our self-defined guidelines, defined processes are put in place to remedy any irregularities.



We respond quickly and effectively to changing framework conditions – be it through changing legislation, emerging stakeholder requirements or evolving standards in the area of sustainability.

Construction of photovoltaic system ongoing.


RBA Platinum Award for results of sustainability audit in Freiberg in 2023.


3 awards for community engagement received in 2023.



absolute COemissions (scope 1+2) in 2023 compared to 2021


63,000 h

training for 4,500 Siltronic employees in 2023


300 mn €

Siltronic AG issued its first ESG-linked promissory note loan in 2022