"If you just enjoy your job, you enjoy going to work."

Julian Brandl

Apprentice as electronics technician for automation technology, Burghausen

since 2018 at Siltronic





  • Learning the theoretical basics at vocational school

  • Developing practical skills at the vocational training center

  • Operational tasks including maintenance and repair of current malfunctions of the production equipment

What motivates me

"I want to achieve something in life and make progress, which is usually difficult to do by sitting around on the sofa."


Julian’s Story

As an apprentice, Julian Brandl is working at Siltronic and learning at the vocational school and the vocational training center in Burghausen. When he is not at school or attending courses at the vocational training center, he is at the workshop to learn the practical skills of an electronics technician for automation technology. Julian Brandl's workday begins with getting changed and preparing for the workshop in which he works.

The main part of his work takes place directly in production at the equipment. Feedback talks and team meetings are an essential part of his daily work routine.


His way at Siltronic

Julian Brandl became interested in Siltronic through a job advertisement at the German Federal Employment Agency before he graduated from high school and decided to apply online for an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for automation technology at Siltronic. After his interview and a practical test, he was promptly accepted for the apprenticeship position at Siltronic.


What does Julian Brandl value about Siltronic

Right from the start of his apprenticeship, he immediately felt warmly welcomed. He greatly appreciates the goal-oriented and precise way of working together with a great team spirit among his colleagues.


The daily tasks

His day-to-day work is very exciting with many different challenges in the installation and troubleshooting of various components of the production equipment.

Julian's advice for future Siltronic employees

You should just be yourself and try not to be shy or reticent, since you'll be warmly welcomed by everyone.


In his free time

Born in the neighborhood of Burghausen, Julian Brandl feels home in the region and in the town. As a passionate soccer player, he loves to spend his free time at the soccer stadium.

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