Diversity and equal opportunities

We reject unequal treatment or disparagement based on gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, sexual orientation or age. These principles apply throughout the Group and are enshrined in writing as part of our corporate culture.

Siltronic AG has signed the German Diversity Charter and the Equal Opportunities Charter of the IG BCE. We are thus committed to actively implementing and promoting equal opportunities. A corporate culture is cultivated that is characterized by mutual respect and esteem for each and every individual.


All employees at the German locations are obliged to familiarize themselves with the General Equal Treatment Act through an e-learning course. The training applies to all levels of staff. A diversity officer at Siltronic AG monitors the implementation of and compliance with the requirements.

Employees can report possible discrimination to their line manager, the compliance officer, the works council, the HR department or an ombudsman. The content of the complaint is reviewed and the complainant is informed of the outcome.

Women as managers

Our long-term goal is to improve the diversity of the workforce at Siltronic, including by increasing the proportion of women in management positions. We have set medium-term targets for the proportion of women in the first and second management levels below the Executive Board.

People with special challenges

Siltronic supports and promotes severely disabled people; a corresponding inclusion agreement was concluded in 2020. For years, Siltronic has employed more people with disabilities in Germany than required by law.

Supply chain

We also do not tolerate discrimination in our supply chain and have laid this down in our Code of Conduct, which also applies to our suppliers. In addition, we specifically promote diverse companies among our suppliers.


Annual report

Audited information and key figures on sustainability at Siltronic can be found in our current annual report.

Supply chain

Commitment to greater sustainability in the value chain.

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