Siltronic is committed to human rights

As a global company, Siltronic operates in an international market and multicultural environment. We see the diversity of people as an enrichment and are aware of our responsibility and role model effect. We treat each other respectfully, honestly and openly and are committed to respecting human rights and acting responsibily within our supply chain.

Underlying frameworks

Our strategy for implementing human rights and environmental due diligence is based on the following international frameworks:

  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

  • Ten principles of the UN Global Compact

  • 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

  • Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

  • German Diversity Charter

We adhere to applicable national legislation as minimum standards. In cases where international due diligence obligations from the above-mentioned frameworks go beyond local legal requirements, we endeavor to promote the principles behind the international standards without coming into conflict with local requirements.

We have summarized our fundamental commitment to respecting human rights in our Code of Conduct.

Expectations of our business partners

We want to work in partnership with our business partners to demand and promote the implementation of human rights due diligence obligations.

Also, we want to work in partnership with our business partners to challenge and promote the implementation of human rights due diligence obligations.

We expect our suppliers and partners to comply with the applicable laws and the principles set out in the international frameworks. Additional relevant standards and principles are set out in our Code of Conduct, in the Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and in our policy statement "Acting responsibly for human rights and environmental protection".

Our due diligence obligations

We have defined responsibilities and implemented suitable processes to fulfill our human rights due diligence obligations in our company and in our value chain. The key elements of this are

  • the publication of a policy statement in its current version;

  • conducting human rights and environmental risk analyses as part of existing risk management;

  • the implementation of preventive and remedial measures at Siltronic and its supply chain;

  • the provision of opportunities for Siltronic employees and third parties to point out violations and their subsequent processing;

  • annual reporting on the implementation of our due diligence obligations.


Responsibility for compliance with and monitoring of human rights due diligence obligations lies with Siltronic's Executive Board, and thus at the highest management level. The Corporate Responsibility, Human Resources, Environment, Health & Safety, Legal & Compliance and Strategic Procurement departments steer the implementation of due diligence obligations within the framework of defined processes as part of Siltronic’s Integrated Management System. The local implementation of the due diligence obligations is carried out by those responsible at the respective sites.

The head of the Corporate Responsibility department is appointed by the Executive Board as Siltronic’s Human Rights Officer and reports directly to the Executive Board.

Polysilicon and human rights

We have analyzed the raw material polysilicon as our most important supply chain. Our aim was to achieve transparency across all stages of polysilicon production and to ensure that none of our subcontractors involved in publicly known human rights violations work for us at any of these stages. We have achieved this as a result of the analysis.


Whistleblower system

Violations of legal requirements or Siltronic guidelines can be reported here – anonymously if necessary.

Annual report

Audited information and key figures on sustainability at Siltronic can be found in our current annual report.