Silicon – the most important raw material for us

As wafers consist almost entirely of hyperpure silicon, silicon is by far the most important raw material for Siltronic. After oxygen, silicon is the second-most frequently found element in the Earth’s crust and is non-toxic. For this reason, we regard silicon wafers as an unrivaled raw material for manufacturing semiconductors and the raw material of choice for our products in the long term.

We strive to use silicon as efficiently as possible. In this way, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact. At the same time, this approach helps us to remain competitive. We measure the efficiency of silicon use using a performance indicator and set an annual target value for this key figure. In particular, this means that silicon residues are reintroduced into our production cycle, that production processes are further developed with the aim of increasing yields and that investments are made in new machines. The will to achieve the targets leads to new ideas being developed and tested.

Auxiliary materials

In addition to the raw material silicon, auxiliary materials such as chemicals, gases and polishing agents also play a role in our production process.

We are working on improving the production steps with the aim of reducing the specific consumption of auxiliary materials. The reduction is usually achieved through recycling, e.g. reductions in polishing agents and cleaning baths.

Annual report

Audited information and key figures on sustainability at Siltronic can be found in our current annual report.

Supply chain

Striving for greater sustainability in the value chain.