Waste – recycling and disposal

Waste can be a valuable resource that we strive to recycle. We differentiate waste according to treatment methods and hazardousness, with the disposal of hazardous waste being particularly important. We record key figures on the composition of waste and its disposal routes in our reporting system and report on this in our annual report. Our strategic goal is to increase the recycling rate of waste by 1.5 percent annually. The Executive Board of Siltronic has the degree of target achievement presented to it annually.

Reuse of product packaging

In order to avoid packaging waste, we have been using a system of reusable packaging when shipping wafers to our customers since 2006. These are used in particular for 300 mm wafers. The reusable packaging system consists of an inner packaging with a container that holds wafers (FOSB - Front Opening Shipping Box) and a transport container (Hybox) that can hold up to twelve FOSBs. As both elements of this reusable packaging affect the customer's production process, the customer must agree to the use of this reusable system.

Air emissions

The emission of nitrogen oxides is also a relevant environmental aspect for Siltronic. Reduction projects are therefore planned and implemented for these air emissions. To minimize our NOx emissions, we use suitable extraction and scrubber systems at all sites. NMVOC and dust are carefully monitored.

Annual report

Audited information and key figures on sustainability at Siltronic can be found in our current annual report.