Deflagration in exhaust pipe at Siltronic AG in Freiberg

A deflagration occurred in an exhaust pipe at the Siltronic plant in Freiberg on Saturday evening. The Freiberg fire brigade was alerted and 44 employees of the wafer production were evacuated. Neither people nor the clean room, which is important for wafer production, were injured. Production was largely able to restart that evening.

Since hazardous substances are also used in the affected area, the investigation and hazardous goods train of the district of Central Saxony was alerted as a standard procedure. However, there was no danger to people or the environment at any time. The internal safety systems immediately switched off the affected equipment automatically. The adjacent Berthelsdorfer Strasse had to be temporarily closed by the police due to curious onlookers.

A total of more than 100 fire brigade, district and police forces with around 30 vehicles were on site. Siltronic is now investigating the cause of the deflagration. No information can be given about the extent of the damage.