Siltronic supports the Racetech Racing Team of TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Siltronic AG contributes financially to the work of the Racetech Racing Team of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. A total of 60 students joined forces in designing and building of the now eighth RT 13 electric racing car. 

“In our opinion, it is important that the students gain practical access to their theoret-ical knowledge and cooperate interdisciplinarily. We are happy to support these activities and we are pleased to accompany the team members on their way from the first ideas through to the finishing line.”, states Dr. Christoph von Plotho, CEO of Siltronic AG.

Over a nine-month period, students from a wide range of different fields of study formed a total of seven work groups and produced an electric racing car. On the occasion of the rollout at the “Alte Mensa“ in Freiberg, the team members gave the attending sponsors, promoters, friends and relatives some insights into the exciting project work.

“We are happy to present a new race car every year and to thank our sponsors on this occasion. Without this support it would not be possible to implement a project of this kind. The sound cooperation with our sponsors is key to the success of our racing car in the summer competitions,” commented Diana Weickert, the organizational project manager of the Racetech Racing Teams.

This year, Siltronic AG has contributed financially to the project work in order support the students‘ endeavors.

The exciting construction phase is followed by a high- adrenaline racing season. The Formula Student Event kicks off in Spielberg, Austria on July 28 to August 1. The electric racers will be competing in Hungary from 17 to 21 in Zalaegersze, to be followed by the Hockenheim circuit in Germany from August 5 through to August 11.

Competing with the predecessor model in the previous season the students took tenth place in the official Formula Student Electric world ranking. Since 2006, students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg have been developing their own vehicle for the racing series every year.