Siltronic supports “Grow-a-Reef Garden” initiative in Singapore to enhance marine biodiversity

Siltronic will make a donation worth 20.000 Singapore-dollars to the “Grow-a-Reef Garden” initiative through the Garden City Fund, the National Parks Board’s (NParks) registered charity and institution of public character. The initiative aims to support the development of purpose-built reef structures that will help conserve corals and enhance marine biodiversity at the Sister’s Island Marine Park in Singapore. The Initiative is part of JTC’s ‘Industry for Sustainability’ programme that aims to partner industry and community to increase awareness and participation in efforts towards sustainable climate action.

“Only recently we celebrated the ground-breaking of our new crystal-pulling hall in order to strengthen our global footprint and thus increase our presence in Singapore. Against this background, it goes without saying that as a responsible and sustainable company, we also want to make our contribution to protecting the environment in Singapore and are happy to make a donation to this important environmental initiative,” says Dr Christoph von Plotho, CEO of Siltronic.

The purpose-built reef structures will be the habitat of coral reefs, which are also known as the “rainforests of the ocean”. They are the most biologically diverse ecosystems and an integral part of Singapore’s natural heritage. The reef structures will provide a healthy habitat for a large multitude of marine species and invertebrates that rely on coral reefs for feeding and for shelter. In addition, it will provide the opportunity for much needed research on coral reef resilience for a better understanding and safeguard in the future.

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