Siltronic Annual General Meeting approves dividend of EUR 3 per share and new remuneration system for the Executive Board

There was a strong interest in Siltronic AG's virtual Annual General Meeting. A total of 72 percent of the voting capital was represented.

The shareholders approved the dividend payment of EUR 3 per share. "We have maintained our dividend policy also for the finanical year 2019 with a payout ratio of 40 percent of net income attributable to Siltronic shareholders. Our very solid net financial position allows us to do so without any problems," said Dr. Christoph von Plotho, CEO of Siltronic AG.

The Annual General Meeting also approved the new remuneration system for the Management Board. Siltronic is thus implementing the changed regulatory requirements for Executive Board compensation under ARUG II faster than required by law. "The new remuneration system will provide even stronger incentives for long-term corporate management. For example, the holding period for share-based variable compensation is extended and the Executive Board must also face comparison with its main competitors. It is also important to us to link variable remuneration to the company's sustainability strategy through non-financial targets," said Supervisory Board Chairman Dr. Tobias Ohler.

In addition, the renewed creation of authorised and conditional capital was approved, as was the renewed authorisation to issue convertible and/or warrant-linked bonds and to buy-back shares

The documents and voting results for the Annual General Meeting are available at under Investor Relations/ Annual General Meeting.