Siltronic Freiberg conducts emergency drill

Siltronic AG in Freiberg will be conducting an emergency drill this Wednesday. On the factory grounds late in the afternoon, the company will simulate a lift truck accident with a leaking hazardous substance and injured people. “We are using this scenario to check if our reporting chains and planned measures function well in the event of an incident. We also want to pinpoint weaknesses and remedy them for the future,” explains plant manager Dr. Christian Heedt. Siltronic conducts such exercises periodically in addition to annual safety trainings.

The Freiberg Fire Department is supporting the roughly two-hour exercise with some 50 responders and a number of emergency vehicles. Representatives from the Mittelsachsen District Office and the Dresden State Authority, joined by Siltronic and fire department employees, will be observing the response and then evaluating the results. Nearby companies in the southern commercial area have been informed.