Siltronic AG wins Innovation Award for Automation

Siltronic AG is the winner of the Innovation Award for Automation bestowed by the Automation Network Dresden (AND). The network comprises the companies Fabmatics, AIS, XENON und SYSTEMA and has now acknowledged the automation activities at Siltronic. “We are very pleased to receive this award. Our thanks go to AND and all the companies involved in the project,“ said Dr. Christoph von Plotho, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Siltronic AG.

The award was presented in connection with the 15th International Innovation Forum for Automation in Dresden in the presence of some 300 participants. At this year’s congres automation specialists and technology companies showcased successful application examples of Industry 4.0.

Siltronic is currently focusing on the automation of transport and maintenance work. The aim is to boost plant and system availability, productivity and quality, as Dr. Christian Heedt, Director Equipment Engineering Germany Siltronic AG, stated. In future, the manufacturing operations of the wafer specialist will deploy an automatic guided vehicle (abbreviated as AGV) enabling, for the first time, the silicon wafers to be transported in an open water basin from one system to the next. In his laudation, the chairman of the sector network Silicon Saxony, Heinz Martin Esser, emphasized the consistent automation process underlying manufacturing at Siltronic. By implementing an automated material transport system the company has mastered technical challenges in connection with heightened safety awareness. Moreover, Esser praised the excellent cooperation between Siltronic and the Silicon Network companies participating in the project.