New Freiberg site manager to be appointed in 2012

Effective January 1, 2012, Dr. Andreas Mühe (41) will assume responsibility of Siltronic AG’s Freiberg site, taking over from his predecessor Gerhard Hagen (62), who will begin his retirement at the same time. With a workforce of roughly 1,000 employees, the Freiberg plant is Siltronic’s largest site for manufacturing 300 mm semiconductor wafers from hyperpure silicon.

Dr. Andreas Mühe has worked for Siltronic for five years. Born in Hildesheim, Germany, Mühe began his studies in physics at the University of Stuttgart, later obtaining his Ph.D. in engineering at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He began his career at Crystal Growing Systems GmbH in Asslar, Germany, where he became managing director in 2005. In addition to this position, Mühe began working as head of the Crystal Pulling Systems division of Asslar-based PVA TePla AG in 2006. That same year, he joined Siltronic AG, where he headed Siltronic’s Crystal Center at the Burghausen plant. Mühe has headed Siltronic’s operations in Germany since 2011. He will continue to perform these duties alongside his new position as Freiberg site manager.

Gerhard Hagen has been Freiberg site manager for five years. After completing his degree in chemical engineering at the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences, he joined the WACKER Group in 1973, where he held various production-related managerial positions. His responsibilities included the crystal pulling facilities, and he also played a key role in 300 mm production at Siltronic. Hagen has been Freiberg site manager since 2006.

About Siltronic

Siltronic is a global leader in the market for hyperpure silicon wafers and a partner to many top-tier chip manufacturers. Our production facilities in Europe, the USA, Asia and Japan develop and manufacture wafers with diameters of up to 300 mm.

Silicon wafers form the basis of the modern micro and nanoelectronics. They are used, for instance, in computers, cellphones, the internet, DVD players, flat-panel displays, navigation systems, airbags, computer tomography equipment, aircraft control systems and many other applications.