Disaster control exercises at Siltronic in Freiberg in case of emergency

Germany, Freiberg, September 10, 2021 - On the premises of Siltronic AG in Freiberg, a disaster control exercise of the district of Middle Saxony will take place in cooperation with Siltronic on the afternoon of September 10, 2021. A forklift accident will be simulated in which a hazardous substance leaks and people are injured. The Chemnitz Integrated Regional Control Center (IRLS) receives an emergency call at 5 p.m. via "112". In accordance with the alarm and response regulations of the city of Freiberg and the hazardous materials concept of the Middle Saxony district, the IRLS alerts the fire department, the hazardous materials unit, the NBC expert advisor, the investigation unit, and the rescue service.

According to the district of Middle Saxony, the aim of the exercise is to test the district's current emergency plan and to give the emergency services the opportunity to further improve their knowledge and skills in dealing with hazardous situations. In this context, reporting chains are tested or the interaction of local fire departments and disaster units is tested.

Siltronic AG supports this exercise. The company itself regularly organizes corresponding scenarios with fire and rescue services on the plant premises.

Starting at 6 p.m., media representatives will have Jana Lützner (Head of the Fire Protection, Rescue Services and Disaster Control Department at the District Office) and Ines Richter (Site Communications Freiberg plant of Siltronic AG) available to answer questions. Feedback is requested if media representatives would like to accompany the exercise.



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