Siltronic receives Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award

“It is with great pride and honor to receive Intel’s 2010 Preferred Quality Supplier Award,” says Dr. Christoph von Plotho, Siltronic president and CEO. “Intel sets extremely high standards for semiconductor suppliers and is one of our key customers. Thus, we are proud that our products meet Intel’s challenging expectations. This award motivates us to continue to improve the quality of our products in cooperation with Intel in the future.”

“Siltronic provided Intel with great performance throughout the year,” said Tim Hendry, vice president of Technology and Manufacturing Group and director of Fab Materials Operation. “They demonstrated strong quality and technology leadership and continue to be an industry leader in the area of silicon metrology development. Congratuations to Siltronic for winning Intel’s PQS award.”

The PQS award is part of Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) program that encourages suppliers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. To qualify for PQS status, suppliers must score 80 percent on a report card that assesses performance and ability to meet cost, quality, availability, technology and environmental, social and governance goals. Suppliers must also achieve 80 percent or greater on a challenging improvement plan and demonstrate solid quality and business systems. Additional information about the SCQI program is available at .

A celebration to honor PQS award winners was held in conjunction with Intel’s Supplier Day in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, there is an announcement on Intel’s website at .

About Siltronic

Siltronic is a global leader in the market for hyperpure silicon wafers and a partner to many top-tier chip manufacturers. Our production facilities in Europe, the USA, Asia and Japan develop and manufacture wafers with diameters of up to 300 mm.

Silicon wafers form the basis of the modern micro and nanoelectronics. They are used, for instance, in computers, cellphones, the internet, DVD players, flat-panel displays, navigation systems, airbags, computer tomography equipment, aircraft control systems and many other applications.