Siltronic calls on suppliers to adopt sustainable business practices and robust supply chain management

Dresden, June 15, 2023 – Siltronic AG has called on its suppliers to be more sustainable. "We want to align the impact of our business activities with the expectations and needs of society. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need your support," emphasized Martin Schoder, Corporate Vice President Strategic Procurement at Siltronic AG at the ninth Supplier Day held this week in Dresden. He urged suppliers to take concrete measures and drive them forward in their own supply chains. Siltronic itself aims to reduce 50 percent of its global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This year’s conference was themed "Globally connected for sustainable growth." In addition to sustainability, key topics of the event included know-how protection and IT security, as well as the continuous improvement of cost and risk management in supply chains. Around 250 participants from more than 20 countries were present.

Siltronic's departing CFO, Rainer Irle, took the opportunity to thank suppliers for their exceptional support in recent years. "Thanks to you, we have had no  production disruption despite the Covid pandemic and global disruptions in the supply chains. We are fortunate and proud to have such a great global network of genuine partners", Irle said in his address.

At the biennial event, the company reports on the current situation in the global semiconductor business and the demands on Siltronic and its suppliers. In light of the current market downturn in the semiconductor industry, Martin Schoder requested flexibility and support from Siltronic's suppliers. "Cost reduction needs to be accelerated amid declining inflation," he further stated.

Siltronic also utilized the event to recognize suppliers for their outstanding performance. This year, the following companies received a Siltronic Award for their outstanding work:

  • DSV Air & Sea Germany GmbH

  • Fujibo Ehime Co. Ltd.

  • Garbo SRL

  • Hinterberger GmbH & Co. KG

  • Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH

  • Onse Inc.

  • Rorze Corp.

  • ZNT GmbH

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