Siltronic AG updates climate targets and joins the RE100 initiative

Munich, November 16, 2023 – Siltronic has updated its existing climate strategy and set ambitious targets to fulfill its role in the Paris Climate Agreement.

The company remains committed to reducing its direct (scope 1) and indirect greenhouse gas emissions from energy purchases (scope 2) to zero by 2045 at the latest. Despite continued growth and the associated significant increase in energy consumption, these greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be reduced by 42% by 2030 as compared to the 2021 base year.

With these targets, Siltronic is making its contribution to limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement passed in 2015. For Siltronic, the 1.5-degree benchmark is the key reference point for the target years 2030 and 2045. The carbon intensity, measured by the CO2 emissions in relation to sales, is to be reduced by an average of at least 5 percent per year between 2021 and 2030.

“Increasing energy efficiency and thus reducing emissions has always been a core element of our corporate strategy. Our goal is to contribute as effectively as possible to the fight against climate change, and at the same time to support the global decarbonization through our products,” said Claudia Schmitt, CFO of Siltronic AG and responsible for the company's sustainability activities.


Joining the RE100 underscores our commitment to renewable energy

To achieve the revised climate targets, Siltronic is committed to gradually increasing the use of renewable energy to 60 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2045. To reinforce its commitment to renewable energy, Siltronic joined the RE100 initiative in November 2023. RE100 is a global corporate initiative dedicated to the exclusive use of renewable energy. Through its membership, Siltronic aims to help eliminate one of the biggest obstacles to global decarbonization: the insufficient amount of green electricity available in many energy markets.

For Siltronic, this is particularly noticeable at its largest site in Singapore, where growth will be strongest in the coming years due to the gradual ramp of the new fab, which recently started test operations. Siltronic's updated climate targets are conditional on the availability of renewable energy in Singapore to improve by 2030 and beyond. To this end, the company is in continuous dialog with decision-makers in Singapore.

Siltronic's commitment to climate protection and the reduction of scope 3 emissions, meaning greenhouse gas emissions generated outside of Siltronic, also extends to the supply chain. The company will intensify its cooperation with suppliers in this regard in the future.


SBTi standards remain reference point, validation not pursued for now

In 2021, Siltronic defined targets in accordance with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), which changed its criteria for the purchase of renewable energy in Q2 2023. Considering these revised requirements, the company feels compelled not to pursue the planned validation of the SBTi targets. At the same time, the SBTi criteria remain an important reference point for Siltronic.

The company continues to have its sustainability performance evaluated by independent third parties. To learn more about these and other sustainability practices, please visit




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Company profile:

Siltronic is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hyperpure silicon wafers and partner to many leading semiconductor companies. The company operates production sites in Asia, Europe and the USA. Siltronic develops and manufactures silicon wafers in diameters of up to 300 mm. Silicon wafers form the basis for modern microelectronics and nanoelectronics and are a key component in semiconductor chips driving computers, smartphones, navigation systems and many other applications. Siltronic AG employs around 4,500 people worldwide and has been a stock-listed company in Germany (Prime Standard) since 2015. The Siltronic AG stock is listed on both the SDAX and TecDAX.