Siltronic AG donates over €1,000 to Nepal project

At this year's Nepal Run, organized by Geschwister Scholl High School in Freiberg, Siltronic AG employees from the nearby plant managed to complete 887 laps, generating donations of over €1,000 euros for a good cause. The money the student-run social enterprise Nepal S-GmbH has raised will be used to fund the rebuilding of schools and kindergartens in the Nepalese province of Sindhupalchok.

The devastating earthquake that struck in 2015 completely destroyed most of the housing in the mountainous region around 100 kilometers from the capital Kathmandu. According to the student-run enterprise, the overall situation makes rebuilding anything but simple, as transport routes that were tricky at the best of times have been destroyed by heavy monsoon rains. It has also been difficult to procure sufficient building material, since a great many new buildings are going up in the district and the bottleneck has driven market prices in Nepal sharply upwards.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, as when a group of students from Freiberg went to Nepal in October, the schools in Gati and Dandakateri were already partially rebuilt. When the new school year begins in April 2018, classes are due to be held again in the new premises. Since 2005, Nepal S-GmbH has worked together with a Nepalese aid organization to build and run schools and kindergartens in the province.