European Investment Bank supports development of Siltronic’s next generation of silicon wafers

  • European Investment Bank (EIB) provides EUR 200 mn loan to finance research and development of hyperpure silicon wafers and ingots for the semiconductor industry. 

  • Siltronic’s production site in Freiberg, Saxony will be upgraded

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing a EUR 200 mn loan to Siltronic AG, one of the world’s leading silicon wafer manufacturers and a key supplier to most leading semiconductor companies. The investment is earmarked for research and development of the next generation of hyperpure silicon wafers and ingots, and for the upgrade of silicon wafer production in Freiberg, Saxony.

Silicon wafers are the foundation of the modern semiconductor industry and the basis for chips in all electronic applications, be it computers, smartphones, electric cars or wind turbines.

Siltronic is the world’s fourth-largest silicon wafer manufacturer with a global market share of around 13% and is the technology leader for hyperpure silicon wafers, with production sites in Germany, Singapore and the United States.

This EIB operation supports the only major silicon wafer supplier outside Asia, financing key investments in the EU semiconductor value chain and strengthening the competitiveness of the EU semiconductor industry.

EIB Vice-President Ambroise Fayolle, who is responsible for EIB projects in Germany, said: “We are proud to be part of a project that secures the highest level of technological proficiency for the European Union. We view Siltronic as a company of strategic importance for Europe. As the project will be implemented in Freiberg and Burghausen, it will secure jobs in Saxony and Bavaria.”

Christoph von Plotho, CEO of Siltronic AG, said: “We are pleased to step up our research and development in Germany with the support of the EIB. This will strengthen our global market position for specialty silicon wafer products and help expand our footprint in Europe.”

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