Siltronic AG sets placement price at EUR 30 per share

Today Siltronic AG ("Siltronic") and the company's current owner, the WACKER Group ("WACKER"), together with the Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners, set the placement price of the Siltronic shares at EUR 30 per share. The price range was set at EUR 30 to EUR 38 on May 28, 2015.

A total of 11,000,000 shares are being placed in the context of the offering. Thereof, 5,000,000 are new shares issued in a capital increase by Siltronic and 6,000,000 are existing shares from the holdings of WACKER. In addition, a greenshoe option of 1,650,000 shares is available, also from the holdings of WACKER.

If this option is fully exercised by the syndicate banks, the total number of placed shares will increase to 12,650,000. The total proceeds from the placement stand at approximately EUR 330 million if the greenshoe option is not exercised or around EUR 380 million if the greenshoe option is fully exercised.

Siltronic will have a free float of 42.2 percent of its share capital after the capital increase if the greenshoe option is fully exercised. In this case, WACKER will retain 57.8 percent of the company's share capital. The selling shareholder WACKER committed itself not to sell any further Siltronic shares and not to carry out any capital increase or comparable capital measures at Siltronic for a period of six months from the first day of trading without the consent of the Joint Global Coordinators.

Trading of the Siltronic shares is expected to begin on June 11, 2015 on the regulated market segment (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol WAF and the ISIN DE000WAF3001.