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Close to the market, close to the customer
Close to the market, close to the customer

Close to our markets, close to our customers

To produce our high quality wafers, we operate an established multinational manufacturing network consisting of leading facilities strategically located near highly educated work forces and in close proximity to our customers. In the United States and Europe we benefit from competitive electricity rates, and in Singapore we benefit from low labor costs. We have concentrated our largest wafer capacities at our Singapore sites, where we operate among the world’s newest and largest 200 and 300 mm facilities, lending support for our strong market position. In addition, to further strengthen our manufacturing network and market position, we agreed with Samsung to become a majority shareholder in our 300 mm joint venture in Singapore and to completely take over control of the operations, effective as of January 24, 2014. Our presence on three continents also enables us to closely collaborate with our customers on product design and development activities and shortens response times.



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