About Siltronic

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About Siltronic

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of hyperpure silicon wafers

Silicon has been used for more than half a century as the raw material of choice in microelectronics and the related semiconductor wafers. Silicon constitutes the base substrate for nearly all semiconductor devices, essentially providing the foundation for the entire, global electronics industry. Hyperpure semiconductor silicon wafers are used for increasingly finer structures. As a result, increasingly powerful and energy efficient generations of chips are becoming more feasible to produce. Our semiconductor silicon wafers support these trends and form the basis of the most complex semiconductor components, including high-voltage applications, low resistivity devices in automotive engineering and telecommunications as well as large-scale integrated microprocessors and memory modules for information processing. Hence, our semiconductor silicon wafers can be found in numerous everyday objects including cell phones, laptops, cars and many other consumer goods.
We serve all of the top 20 leading semiconductor silicon wafer consumers with our broad wafer portfolio and maintain long-term relationships with all our major customers. We produce our high quality wafers through our multinational manufacturing network in the United States, Europe and Asia, with facilities strategically located near highly educated work forces and in close proximity to our customers. We believe that we deliver the highest quality customer service and provide our customers with single local access points for our entire semiconductor silicon wafer portfolio. We are committed to providing wafer qualities and specifications that meet or exceed our customers’ wafer demands.
We are dedicated to drive innovation in the semiconductor silicon wafer industry. We work in close collaboration with our customers to continually advance their products and solutions by manufacturing polished and epitaxial wafers according to the most advanced design rules as specified by our customers. We are committed to being “one generation ahead” of our customer’s technology roadmap. In addition, we utilize the leading float zone technology for wafers up to 200 mm in diameter for wafers with extremely stable resistivity performance and high voltage capabilities.
We have leveraged our long-standing 300 mm wafer experience into the construction of our modern, high volume facilities in Freiberg, Germany, and Singapore. We operate among the world’s newest and largest 200 and 300 mm wafer facilities at our Singapore sites. As of January 24, 2014, we expanded our ownership and took full control of the operations of our 300 mm wafer production joint venture with Samsung in Singapore. Our global presence enables response times of less than 24 hours to customer requests anytime and anywhere in the world, and we come close to having a 100% on-time delivery rate. Furthermore, this fosters our close collaboration with our customers on product design and development activities.

Our Competitive Strengths

We believe our business has the following competitive strengths that have driven our success to date and will continue to distinguish us from competitors:
  • Strong market position in semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturing
  • Technology and quality leader
  • Supplier to all top 20 semiconductor wafer consumers with well-established relationships
  • Strong track record in efficiency improvement and cost reduction
  • Strategic supply of high-quality polysilicon at competitive cost
  • Experienced management team and highly skilled workforce

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to leverage and strengthen our position among the leaders in the large and growing semiconductor wafer industry. The key elements of our strategy include:
  • Take advantage of growing demand in the semiconductor silicon wafer market
  • Maintain and expand our technology leadership
  • Continue our operational excellence and cost reduction roadmap
  • Maintain our quality leadership
  • Focus on improved financial performance and cash flow generation


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