More than half of Siltronic’s employees work in Germany. Burghausen in Bavaria is the largest production site. Freiberg in Saxony is another production site. The company headquarters is located in Munich.

Experienced workers/professionals and recent graduates

Good start: Direct entry with on-the-job training or the Graduate Program

Have you already successfully completed your education? Are you a successful university graduate or have you already gained your first work experience? Are you highly motivated and ready for the real world? And instead of just marching in place, would you like to continue to make progress in and with each stage of life? That makes you the employee we are looking for.

At our German sites, we offer you the possibility to start work directly and to grow into the new job gradually with experienced experts at your side. In addition to this on-the-job training, we also offer a Graduate Program for interested university graduates. This provides intensive and comprehensive preparation for a challenging job within Siltronic AG.

The Graduate Program lasts 18 months and is targeted at graduates with excellent grades in the natural or business sciences. The program is comparable to a traineeship and specially aims at finding and encouraging talent. We take personal interests and strengths into consideration in order to develop an individual program for each of our graduates. This program can also include international assignments. Training either in specific subjects or in interdisciplinary studies, include a number of seminars on skills in a specific field or management, personal skills and social competence.

We provide information on the start of a new Graduate Program on this website.

High school graduates and university students

In addition to a good education, practical experience is the base for a successful career. We therefore strive to offer interested students qualified internships, opportunities to complete their final thesis papers (Bachelor, Master), and vacation jobs as student workers.


A good apprenticeship is the base for a successful career. Depending on the individual school background and personal abilities, we offer high school graduates a sound apprenticeship in accordance with certified guidelines in various professions or a dual work/study course in technical and business management BA programs. In Burghausen, the Berufsbildungswerk vocational training center handles the training, while in Freiberg we work with an external educational institution. After you have successfully completed your training, we offer chances for a job at one of our German sites.

You can apply for our apprenticeships starting in September 2020 here until October 31, 2019.


We offer students in the natural sciences and business sciences the possibility to complete either a university-mandated or a voluntary internship in our company and gain practical industrial experience.

Interns will be supervised by experienced instructors and will receive payment that is set according to the education level and academic progress. We would also be glad to assist you in finding a place to stay.

If you would like to complete an internship as a part of your university studies, please apply online for an advertised topic or file an unsolicited application with the following application documents:

  • Resume

  • Planned internship period (voluntary internships are possible for a maximum of 3 months)

  • Information on the examination regulations (see Download)

  • Copies of your grades or diplomas

  • List of any internships you have already completed


Final thesis (bachelor, master, diploma)

Siltronic is also interested in working with students, not least as a possible employer, and offers thesis topics in the natural sciences and business science fields. You will be given a fixed term employment agreement and appropriate payment for the time you are working on your final thesis.

You will be supervised by selected, experienced employees. The company will provide all necessary work materials. If you need help finding a place to stay we are happy to assist.


If you are interested, please apply online for an advertised topic or file an unsolicited application with the following application documents:

  • Resume

  • Planned internship period

  • Information on the examination regulations (see Download)

  • Copies of your grades or degree

  • List of any internships you have already completed

Student workers

We offer students who are at least 18 years old the possibility to gain practical experience at our German production sites in Burghausen and Freiberg during the semester break or school vacation (preferably in the time from July to the end of September).

The length of the employment can be personalized, but as a rule it is between four and six weeks. The payment is based on collective agreements and company policies.


The application period expired on March 31, 2018. You can reapply via this website for working student jobs in 2019 from mid-January 2019.


Why Siltronic?

Payment and social benefits

Fair and conscientious

Siltronic offers fair pay and modern remuneration system. In addition to a fixed base salary with Christmas and vacation bonuses, there is an additional payment that is based on the company’s success.

Moreover, various social and fringe benefits, such as sick pay allowances, company restaurants, employee apartments, sport and health offers, and loans to finance real estate are a matter of course for us. The retirement pension is also a substantial part of the payment. In the framework of the company pension, we offer our employees comprehensive basic provisions in the pension fund with many advantages.

An additional offer gives our employees the possibility to lease bikes and cars at beneficial company conditions.

Work-life balance

We believe it is important for our employees to be able to combine work, family, and leisure time, and this idea shapes our human resources policy.

A central issue in our human resources policy is the compatibility of work, family, leisure time, and personal life planning. Because whether your journey through life is straight ahead or full of turns, what matters to us is how you handle it and how we can support you along the way.

Our modern working time systems give you maximum freedom to structure your schedule. The diverse flexible options extend to working hours on the basis of trust (schedule autonomy). Where possible, we offer both part-time and full-time positions. In individual cases, we can also offer remote office possibilities or unpaid leaves of absence and sabbaticals for important personal matters.

We promote childcare and a return to work after parental leave. In Burghausen and Freiberg there are kindergarten and daycare places available close to the plant. In Munich, pme Familienservice GmbH arranges for childcare places in kindergartens and nursery schools.

We support you in paying for childcare institutions with a one-time allowance. Moreover, you can file for family times until your child has reached the age of eight, which offers you to have 5 days (west) / 3 days (east) of vacation additionally per year.

In the case of nursing care dependency of a family member, we offer support with unpaid leaves of absence or part-time possibilities.

Continuing education, development programs and idea management

We are serious about life-long learning and support our employees in this regard.

It is important to us for our employees to continue to develop and to show initiative. We support this with

  • a comprehensive continuing education and training program with numerous seminars on skills in a specific field or in management, personal skills, and social competence

  • external seminars that we support financially and with time-off regulations

  • knowledge management that helps when there are staff changes and consequently promotes knowledge transfer and retention

  • idea management that rewards suggestions for improvement

In addition to continuing education and training, a number of different programs play an important role when it comes to discovering and encouraging individual potential and demonstrating additional development options.

Our global networking circle targets international collaboration. This development program for selective managers offers cross-site networking, interesting projects and personality development.

In addition to individual coaching and a mentoring program, our consistent talent management also primarily serves to detect and promote our employees’ potential early on. This makes an employee’s potential visible in the company beyond his or her area and function. This full utilization of internal potential ultimately strengthens our company’s capability to innovate and compete and helps us take on challenges such as demographic changes and the shortage of specialists. Our open feedback culture is also highly appreciated. At least once a year, employees and supervisors hold a dialog on individual development, which makes the abilities and potential transparent.

Open discussions are also the basis for our idea management system, which makes the company’s suggestion plan sustainable, more creative and also more efficient, because progress calls for innovation at all levels.