Siltronic in Singapore produces 200mm and 300mm ultra-pure silicon wafers in addition to a state-of-the-art crystal growing facility. Our products are supplied to major semiconductor silicon wafer consumers globally.

Siltronic offers an attractive working environment in the semiconductor industry and provides employees with competitive compensation and benefits. Employees who meet the Company performance expectations will be given opportunities to move up the career ladder, assuming more senior roles and greater responsibilities.

Professionals and Graduates

Professionals and high-talented fresh graduates who are committed to performance, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are more than welcome to join us.

In order to meet our business requirements, we are constantly seeking talent in various job disciplines such as process technology, production, equipment engineering, facilities engineering, industrial engineering, QM/QA as well as other administrative functions.

Please apply by sending a resume and cover letter to:
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Siltronic actively collaborates with the local universities and polytechnics to provide industrial attachment opportunities to the undergraduates. Relevant openings will be announced through respective university and polytechnic portals.


Unsolicited Applications

Engineering Assistants / Technicians

We need competent Engineering Assistants and Technicians to support our operations in the Equipment / Facilities Maintenance, Metrology / Chemical Laboratory areas.

Manufacturing Assistants

We are also constantly looking for Manufacturing Assistants (Production Operators) who are interested in wafer production and are able to work in a cleanroom environment.

Depending on the job requirement, Engineering Assistants, Technicians and Manufacturing Assistants will be assigned to work in a 12-hour shift on either day or night shift. Shift allowance will be paid in accordance with the shift work.

Please apply by sending a resume and cover letter to:
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Why Siltronic?

Compensation and Benefits

Siltronic constantly reviews its compensation package to align with the changing market condition to ensure competitive remuneration for the employees. We pay annual merit increment and quarterly bonus depending on the degree of company performance and the extent to which individual goals are achieved.


Brief overview of our benefits package:

  • Various leave types: Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave, Adoption Leave, Paternity Leave, Childcare Leave, Compassionate Leave, Examination Leave, National Service Leave

  • Outpatient medical consultation and treatment

  • Outpatient specialist treatment

  • Dental care

  • Group insurance: Personal Accident Insurance, Work Injury Compensation Insurance, Life and Permanent Disability Insurance, Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance, Business Travel Insurance

  • Shuttle buses are provided to and from the Company to designated pick-up areas in Singapore

  • Sports and Recreational Activities


Siltronic recognizes the employee’s need to balance work and family life. We have comprehensive leave policies to support personal needs. Various sports and recreation activities are regularly organized in order to enhance a healthy lifestyle of our staff.


Continuing education and training & development programs

The strength of our workforce is determined not only by our commitment to recruit and hire highly competent people, but also to provide them with opportunities and resources enhancing their knowledge, skills and capabilities. Learning resources are mapped to provide relevant training offerings geared to different employee levels. Our cross functional experts and external professionals conduct courses enabling employees to develop further and excel to an even greater degree in their jobs.